Our church is a creature of the word; we are shaped, directed, and built upon scripture. And since Jesus is the hero of the bible, Jesus is the hero of every sermon. The sermon is not a time for man's wisdom, but God's divine revelation.

Church At Home - James - July 12

Church At Home - James - July 12

Jason Clarke

Recent Sermon Series

Most of our sermons are a part of short 4-8 week series built around either a book of the bible or biblical theme.

Church At Home
Who Am I
In This Season
Living Stones
More Than A Love Story
Mastering the Art of Living
City of Jesus
Hold Fast
King & Cross
For My City
Stand Alone
Winning Marriage
Advent 2017
Nehemiah - Do Something Great
The Book of Acts
Rise Up
The Art of Joy
Coming Home
Gospel Centered Community