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Find Your People

We’ve been lied to.

With the invention of the internet, the creation of the iPhone,
we were promised to be more connected than ever before.

But we’re discovering there is a massive difference between deep connection and being socially networked.

The result in the wake of this façade of closeness is that we are experiencing profound disconnection in an exceedingly lonely world.

Yet, from the opening pages of the Bible, we see that this “aloneness” is not good for our souls—it is not what you were created for.

Only the Gospel has the power to flip this experience upside down.

You are created for connection. You are called to be a people. Through His church, Jesus is writing a new story—building an enteral family.

So stop settling for the cultural experience of isolation and disconnection. Together let's fight to build deep connection in a lonely world and, Find. Your. People.