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When have you asked yourself: What's the point of my life? What am I here for?

From the time we're born we're fed the story that life is random, a product of chance. But if that's true, why do we long for so much more? Why does it seem like the human soul is made for meaning — designed for direction?

Here's why: God created you on purpose for a purpose and you are empowered for a specific focus in a particular place among unique people.

In this series, you’ll explore how you are WIRED by God.

Spiritual Gifts Test

Spiritual Gifts can be supernaturally received things that totally didn’t exist within you apart from God, or these can be ways that the Holy Spirit utilizes and enhances gifts and traits that He gave you at birth.

Either way, you are freshly empowered for the calling to do God-glorifying work, multiply disciples, and advance the Kingdom of God. You are empowered to create a God-glorifying, Gospel-advancing culture.