Why Some Teams Thrive, But Most Teams Don't

January 30, 2023

Why do some teams thrive, and other teams don't? How do you create a healthy team culture? What are the attributes of a quality leader?

Listen to this special Team Night message to explore the biblical principles that apply to your work, home, and ministry that lead toward thriving adaptable teams, and how to avoid habits and culture that lead down the wrong path.

Seven Lesson from Seven Years at Rise

September 12, 2022

Do you ask yourself, "Where can I play a part in the local church? Is there really a need for me? How do I grow in my discipleship and become a contributor to the church?"

Listen in to this special Team Night edition where we share one big announcement and Nolan Tjaden shares seven lessons he's learned in serving at Rise for the last seven years, and how ministry can be boiled down to one simple statement.

Jesus is Unstoppable

August 28, 2022

One of the main reasons people reject Christianity is because they say “Christians aren’t different”.

In this teaching, our argument is that Christianity is the thing that changes you.

Through the Gospel, God grabs your heart with irresistible grace and sets even the farthest of sinners on the trajectory of becoming like Christ! What about you? Are you different? Join us as we walk through Romans 8:28-30 to explore how God changes us.

The Cycle of the Christian Life

August 21, 2022

Does your life feel like a cycle of pressure and difficulty? We are all either working through a problem, going through hardship or suffering, or walking through a season of pain. And if you're not, then you're about to. But why is that? Why is it that we find ourselves in a place of pain and feeling limitations?

Justin Anderson opens the Scripture this week to the book of Jonah to look at a man, a place, and a people that reflect the image of the Christian walk — one that is a constant cycle of need, confession, and grace. We learn how to respond in our moments of hardship and ultimately find our trust and security in God and His plan for our lives. Listen in to be encouraged and grow in your understanding of the Christian walk.

Gospel Goodbyes

July 24, 2022

How do you work through grief when you feel the loss of friendship? What does it look like to send someone into the next season of life with grace and generosity? How can a church say goodbye to Gospel partners — those who you've served and led alongside?

This week's message looks at Paul's parting words in Acts 20 to the church in Ephesus. His example shows us that both deep sorrow and joy can coexist, because when we are moving forward as a body of believers the Kingdom's gain is always our greatest joy, even in the midst of grief. Listen in to learn how to say Gospel Goodbyes.

Compassion for the City

July 03, 2022

You see Churches in almost every city across America. But what impact should the church have in a city? How should they see the brokenness and needs of their community? What's the impact a church should have on the citizens?

Jesus gathered crowds everywhere he went, and when he did he was moved with deep compassion. He was teaching his disciples to bring the Kingdom forth. What do we, 2,000 years later learn from these miracles? Listen in as Pastor Jason teaches from Matthew 14 to a crowd of people in a city park and shares the call of the church — to love, serve, and meet the needs of our community.

Why the Resurrection Matters

April 17, 2022

Each year billions of people gather to celebrate Easter, the day that the tomb was found empty over 2000 years ago. But why? Resurrection Sunday is the day that all of the Christian faith boils down to. It's the culmination of every scripture, the hope in the face of death, it brings deeper meaning to life, and provides proof that Jesus is King — alive and well, reigning on His throne.

Listen in as Pastor Jason walks us through John 20 to address skepticism, doubt, and the hope that your heart is searching for, and can only be found in the Resurrected Jesus.

Make This Year Matter

January 02, 2022

Preacher: Jason Clarke

New year, new you?! Haven't we all done that before? Why doesn't that method work? How can you make an impact that lasts on your life?

This week, Pastor Jason teaches through Hebrews 12 and gives us three life-shaping decisions that will actually make this year matter. Listen in for practical wisdom to start off right in 2022.

3 Reasons to Follow Jesus

May 09, 2021

Preacher: Nolan Tjaden

Why should anyone follow Jesus? Maybe you’ve wondered if there’s a God. Maybe you’ve been on the fence. Maybe you need a refreshing reminder of His power and worth. In this teaching, Pastor Nolan explores 3 reasons for following Jesus. With so many loud voices demanding our allegiance today, we need to see why Jesus’ love cuts through the chaos, infuses life with meaning, fills us with a new power, and serves as the ONLY foundation for our lives.

01 Easter Sunday 2021

April 04, 2021

Preacher: Jason Clarke

When Jesus died his disciples thought that all hope was lost. They were counting on him to be their conqueror over the challenges that they were currently facing.

Easter Sunday is the hope that we all need. It takes our placement and assumed progress and tells us that it's all temporary, but the Good News that is Jesus Christ is the true hope that we need. Join us, as Jason takes us through the resurrection story in Luke 24 for this Easter Sunday.

A Vision For 2020

January 05, 2020

Preacher: Jason Clarke

As we enter a new decade, we get an opportunity to reset. Who do you want to be? Who are you supposed to be? Pastor Jason walks us through Matthew 25:14-28 and casts a vision for how to plan and be good stewards of the life and season we've been entrusted with by God. This very practical and biblical teaching was incredibly helpful and we pray that it will change your life.

Recentralize God

September 01, 2019

Preacher: Nolan Tjaden How do we enter the fall season well? In the fall things tend to kick up in intensity and business. Now is the time to pause and set our priorities straight. In Proverbs 30 the first 6 verses frame for us a proper perspective as we enter any new chapter in life. God himself should take first priority, center stage, and all our focus. Listen to this teaching to see how and why.

The Gospel

July 07, 2019

Preacher: Nolan Tjaden This week we held Church in the Park! We were blown away 800+ gathered to hear the Gospel and celebrate Jesus. All glory is owed to Jesus for the way he is moving in our city. In that context we preached the Gospel. THE GOSPEL is powerful. We are compelled to build our very lives on the Gospel. So, what is the Gospel? The Gospel is shocking for 2 big reasons found in this teaching. We looked at Romans 5:6-10 to see these shocking realities of the Gospel that will serve to transform YOUR life--as you allow the Gospel to be the blueprint of your life. Check out this sermon to learn more!

01 The Resurrected Jesus

April 21, 2019

Preacher: Jason Clarke

Burden. Faith. Mission. Kingdom.

March 03, 2019

Preacher: Jason Clarke

This week was the FIVE year anniversary celebration at Rise. In the last 5 years we've been graced by a tremendous movement of God as more and more we see Jesus save thd lost, and build a unified local church. What is it that unifies us? It's not a uniformity of age. race, gender, or even background. It's unity around Jesus and his mission. It's a shared burden for Jesus' mission that births big Kingdom-bringing faith. We saw all this through the story of Nehemiah. Check out this teaching to see how!

BONUS: Facility Update Podcast

December 07, 2018

In this special on our Podcast our Lead Pastor Jason Clarke catches everyone up to date on our facility process thus far and shares how you can be a part of the journey. For more go to rise.cc/skateworld

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June 06, 2022

Most of us want to be used by God, but have we actually positioned ourselves to be usable? In this Team Night message, special guest, Phil Comer, walks our church through 10 things to remember if we want to be used by God. Listen in, and have your heart and passion for ministry stoked as Phil walks our team through a unique night of equipping, growth, and pressing into the mission of the church.