27 hours to become a better man

Are you willing to commit 27 hours to become a better husband, father, friend, and man of God? Join us to form an allied group of men working together to move forward.

So what is a men's small group?

It’s 8-10 guys who make the commitment to meet together for 3 hours on the fourth Monday of each month for 9 months to create and execute on Life Plans.

A Life Plan is a written document on a particular area of life that will help to: empower you to identify and address your current realities, envision a better future, and serve as a road map on how you get to this future state.

There are seven potential areas of life we focus on during our life plans: relationship with God, marriage, finances, friendship, children, self-development, and health.

This is no small commitment. You are committing to 27-hours of brotherhood working through the greatest battles you are facing.

Are you ready to move forward?