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We Exist to Rise Up & Saturate Our City with the Gospel


9:00, 10:45, and 4PM

1220 NE Kelly Ave Gresham OR 97030

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What to Expect

Connect with friendly faces who would love to greet you, show you around, answer your questions, and make you feel at home. We have coffee and places to sit while you wait for the service to start. Even on your first visit, we want you to feel like you belong here.


A Place for Kids

Rise Kids is an environment that is safe, fun, and all about Jesus! Our kid's check-in team will help you register your kids for their proper age group. Each environment is tailored to help kids connect and grow from infants up through fifth grade! We even have a moms lounge for nursing moms who want the option of a more private space.


Music & Message

Our gatherings are typically around an hour and fifteen minutes. We’ll sing a few songs as part of our response to all God has done for us. One of our pastors teaches us more about who Jesus is and what it means to follow him!
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A Place for Next Steps

We all have a next step to take! Growing people change. For some it’s connecting deeper in friendships, for others it’s finding a place to serve, and still others you're wanting to know more about what it means to belong to Rise. Whatever it is, we’ll make sure you know all the doors that will be wide open for you to take your next step towards Jesus and his church.


"My family walked into Rise after experiencing immense heartbreak and loneliness. We were immediately lifted up by a community who pursued us and made us feel loved and cared for. Walking into Rise changed our family. It changed our lives. We are so grateful for the church family we have gained and couldn’t imagine doing life without them."


I’m NEW TO CHURCH and I’m wondering:

Am I going to feel out of place?
No way. We are a church for people who’ve never been to church. We know you’re visiting and we like you. Feel comfortable to be yourself.
What should I wear?
The leaders typically wear jeans and T-shirts. Everyone will be dressed in what’s comfortable. Some people rock button-ups. Others drop Ts. If you look extra snazzy, more power to you. Feel comfortable to be yourself.
I don’t know what happens at church. What am I walking into?

Each weekend we gather to hear fresh, relevant teaching from the Bible that will impact your real life. We speak to non-christians and christians alike because we’re a church that exists for our city. A band leads us in a time of musical worship to Jesus. We have response times where people can go be prayed for, take communion (eat bread and drink juice remembering what Jesus did for us), or give to the mission.

You might hear stories or updates about exciting things happening in the church. We use a lot of videos for teaching and communication.

If you’re new, we don’t pressure you to give money or take communion. We give as a church to create space for you. We genuinely care about you and you’re our valued guest.

I have tattoos, piercings, and pink hair. Will people judge me?
Not if you won’t judge us. It would actually be hard for you to have more tattoos than the people at Rise. We have a lot of tattoos. Pink hair is totally cool. We love that you're different and welcome you to join us!

I’m A CHRISTIAN and I’m wondering:

Are you guys serious about scripture?
Honestly, as serious as it gets. We’re excited you asked. We believe the Bible is the authority of God, inerrant, living, active, and powerful to transform not only our lives but our whole city. We love the Bible. We’re getting goose-bumps just thinking about it.
Are you guys seeker-sensitive?

Actually, we think we can simultaneously speak to both Christians and non-Christians. We are persuaded that when you teach robust biblical doctrine, you will connect with the culture and serve those who’ve never stepped foot in a Church. We think doing that in a way that intentionally addresses the questions the culture around is asking is the pattern of the early church in Acts and should be the pattern today. Paul who became “all things to all people” that God might save some is a clear example.

Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer said it well: “The Church is the Church only when it exists for others…” So we're going to teach the foundational doctrines of scripture, yet, speak them in a way so someone new to Christianity can understand.

Are you guys a prosperity-gospel Church?
We might as well be the opposite. We are a Gospel-preaching, Gospel-driven, Gospel-drenched, Gospel-centered church. We are all about Jesus. We believe in serious, sound, scriptural teaching, which excludes the prosperity and the poverty Gospel alike. At the same time we don’t shy away from God’s command to be generous, nor any other command, for that matter. Our motivation, message, and method is Jesus in everything! Because Jesus + nothing = everything.
Are you guys part of a denomination?

We are what some would call a non-denominational church, in that we are not tied to any denomination and are led by qualified local leaders.

That being said, we think there’s tremendous value and importance to being anchored in the Historic Christian Confessions, imbued by the wisdom of Christian history, and affiliated with the doctrinally sound Christian “tribes” of our day.

In many ways our church is a rare blend of the two tribes: the theologically meaty teaching of teachers like: Matt Chandler, Charles Spurgeon, Chuck Smith, John Piper, Charles Stanley, Augustine of Hippo, RC Sproul, and JC Ryle--AND--the passionate, creative, worship culture of churches like Mosaic Church LA, Hillsong Church, Churchome, or Elevation Church. We know that’s unique combo. But it’s a space we feel Jesus has called us to.



We're up for it! My name is Kristen. Let me know what's on your mind and I'll try to help.

Meet Our Team

Rise is led by many different teams of people each with different experiences, giftings, and passions. Some of us are paid staff, and most of us volunteer.

We love what we do, but know that our primary calling is to equip YOU to rise up into living your calling and purpose in God's family and on His Mission. 

Jason Clarke

Lead Pastor

Kristen Friend

Executive Director

Marisa Brown

Rise Kids

Chris Cutshall


Stacey Cutshall

Rise Worship

Tommy Elrod

Rise Men

Jordan Fahlman

Rise Youth

Zack Landes

Next Steps

Brandon Tjaden

Safety Team