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The Book of Daniel

Rise is Open on Sundays

Rise is having multiple services in our building throughout the day on Sundays where people can safely social distance, engage with the sermon, participate in live worship, and connect together. We even have a kids program for your 1-year-olds through 5th graders!

Large Spaced Gatherings:
(100-150 people)
9am, 10:45am, 2pm, & 4pm

Mid-Sized Gatherings:
(20-50 people)
11am & 6pm

Vulnerable Gatherings:
9am(small in person)
5pm (via zoom)

Rise City Church

1220 NE Kelly Ave
Gresham OR 97030


A Creative Minority

March 07, 2021

Does it sometimes feel like you should have lived in a time when the world was better; when people were kinder and morals, beliefs, and righteousness were honorable? Do you feel like the world around you is becoming harder to recognize and finding your place in all the change is hard?

There once was a man named Daniel who was ripped from the world he knew and thrown into a culture that was unrecognizable to him. What he did then was unlike most. He didn't run, he didn't conform, and he didn't hide. He lived in it. He thrived in it. He kept his faith, morals, and righteousness while influencing the world around him toward the source of his very life. How do we learn from him? How do we come to grips with what Daniel knew... that, You Were Made For These Times

    Jason Clarke
    Daniel 1:1-4

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