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Rise is Open on Sundays

Rise is having multiple services in our building throughout the day on Sundays where people can gather, engage with the sermon, worship, and connect together. We even have a kids program for your infants through 5th graders!

9:30am / 11:15am / 4pm

Rise City Church

1220 NE Kelly Ave
Gresham OR 97030


You Are Empowered

January 23, 2022

Have you ever lacked motivation or direction? You know, like that feeling before coffee when you’re foggy and dragging! Sometimes we experience that spiritually in our overall lives too.

You need power and direction. The source of all power, gifting, direction, and motivation IS the Holy Spirit.

Tragically, Christians often don’t know what to believe about the Holy Spirit. But in this teaching, Pastor Nolan walks through a full biblical understanding of the Holy Spirit, the Spiritual Gifts, and how it all applies to our daily life.

    Nolan Tjaden
    1 Corinthians 12-14

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