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Groups are small groups that gather throughout our city to grow deeper in connection with each other and in following Jesus. We eat together, share our stories, and grow together. 

Our groups each have a different focus on different areas of our discipleship of Jesus. Areas like: sermon-based, parenting, finances, spiritual disciplines, or marriage. 


Jesus surrounded himself with a handful of people to share life with, to be on mission together, and to be a change in the area they lived. The early church began as groups of people gathered together in homes— sharing a meal and the good news with one another.

Just as they did, we desire to see our church grow in groups where people can be known, grow in the Word together, and share life with another. We believe groups are pivotal to the discipleship and growth of our church.


We want you to find a group that fits you best. Click on the View Groups button and scroll through groups. You can search by neighorhood, day of the week, childcare options, and focus. 

Once you find the group that meets your needs click Request to Join. The group leads will be notified, and help get you connected. 

Meet-ups exist for the sole purpose of bringing individuals together to form genuine friendships through common interests. When you’re new it can be difficult to know where to begin, and seeking community can feel forced. 

Meet-ups are a great way to break the ice between strangers by getting them together over something they both enjoy.  A Meet-up could be centered on a shared passion, like a sport or hiking, or a common stage of life, like motherhood or newlyweds.

If you call Rise home and you have an idea for a Meet-up, we want you to host one! Let us know when, where, how often, and for how long it happens