Road Trip

Mapping Out the Direction of Your Life

Life is a lot like a road trip, isn’t it? There are twists and turns and decisions to make. How do we navigate well? The Bible presents deep theological truth, but it also provides practical wisdom for life. God cares about your life’s details and offers much-needed, usable principles. We’ll discover these principles through this series. Life is a journey, and you need a map. Pack your bags, and join us for the Road Trip!

01 What Stories Do I Want to Tell?

January 10, 2021

Preacher: Jason Clarke

Have you ever looked back on the decisions you made with regret? Don’t we all long to tell amazing stories with our lives rather than sit in the pain stinging remorse? The way towards that is making decisions in God’s way.

This week we ask the question “What story are you telling with your life?” In this message, you’ll find valuable, biblical principles from the life of Joseph who lived an example of wise decisions in hard situations. And ultimately, we get a portrait of the powerful life and saving forgiveness of Jesus.

02 Am I Being Honest With Myself?

January 17, 2021

Preacher: Jason Clarke

One of the greatest challenges we face is, well... ourselves! It’s true, isn’t it? No one has ever lied to you like you have. In every difficulty we’ve faced in life, you know what the only common denominator is? Us! So, how do we make wise decisions when we can’t trust even ourselves?

This week, Jason explored how Jesus leads us out of ourselves and into grace-empowered decisions through three significant moves: admit it, be curious, and be set free. Listen to this week’s message to learn more!

03 Who Is Riding Shotgun?

January 24, 2021

Preacher: Jason Clarke