What Is Kingdom Builders?

Kingdom Builders is a strategic fundraising initiative at Rise City Church to advance the mission in our time. It’s a plan for our church to rise up to a new level of financial influence through city impact, world missions, and church multiplication. This is a group of people who are passionate about making an above-and-beyond giving investment to advance the Kingdom through stewardship of our resources.

Local Partnerships

The first area of Kingdom Builders is Local Partnerships in our City. When Jesus sent His disciples to the ends of the earth, cities like Gresham weren’t even on the map. So, to impact the nations, we meet needs in our neighborhoods. To that end, we have strategic partnerships with effective, like-minded, local outreaches that are doing tangible good in our city. Who do we partner with?

As a Kingdom Builder, you’re funding trustworthy, effective, local organizations to do tangible, Kingdom-good throughout our city. 

World Missions

The second area of Kingdom Builders is World Missions. God is a missionary God. He has a heart for the nations. As disciples of Jesus in America, we are blessed to live in one of the wealthiest nations on earth. That is an advantage and a calling to stewardship. It’s a blessing and a missional responsibility to advance God’s Kingdom globally. That’s why we’re committed to making a Kingdom difference around the world. 

As a Kingdom Builder, you’re supporting missionaries around the world, investing in organizations for global church planters, and giving to seek justice and mercy across the world.

Church Multiplication

The third area of Kingdom Builders is Church Multiplication. Central to our Kingdom Builders initiative is strengthening, advancing, and multiplying the local church. This includes planting churches, parenting campuses, enhancing existing facilities, funding future facilities, and training local leaders.

Biblically, followers of Jesus have always sacrificed to see new disciples made, new churches planted, young churches flourishing, dying churches resurrected, and healthy churches multiplied.

As a Kingdom Builder, you’re moving the ball forward financially to multiply the mission of the local church.

Get Involved

Kingdom Builders is about making a financial investment in Kingdom expansion. If you want to join us as a Kingdom Builder, we ask that you take the step of setting up a recurring monthly donation that is over and above your regular giving to Rise. One-time gifts are great—but a sustained commitment to kingdom giving over the long haul is where a tremendous impact can be made. 

The other way to get involved is through volunteering with one of the above-listed organizations. Fill out the form below and we can help make that connection happen.