Living at a Purposeful Pace

Jun 14, 2022

  • Living at a Purposeful Pace
    Jason Clarke
    Luke 4

Opportunity isn't something we are lacking these days. Everywhere you turn there is something or someone pitching the latest idea, trying to get on your schedule, and vying to put their priority at the top of your list. God called us to live life abundantly, but how do you live life with abundance without getting caught up in the hurry? How did Jesus model living life to the fullest — a life that included plenty of time in quiet, solitude, prayer, and margin.

This week, Pastor Jason unpacks Luke 4 on how to identify your most impactful priorities, and live a life that you can look back on without regrets— a life lived at a purposeful pace. Listen in for practical truths to prioritize your life based on the life of Christ.

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