Find Hope in Your Battle with Anxiety & Depression

Aug 15, 2022

  • Find Hope in Your Battle with Anxiety & Depression
    Jason Clarke
    1 King 19

Do you ever feel fear well up in you and go out of control? Or maybe it's a deep sorrow that seems to plague you - you just can't shake it. You are not alone! We have story after story of biblical heroes walking through seasons of anxiety and depression, it's not uncommon.

So, how did they move past it? How are we called to walk through these emotions and deep realities, and find hope in the battle with anxiety and depression? What does it look like to take care of our bodies and renew our minds the way God asks us to? Listen in to hear the story of Elijah walking through the lowest of lows, and learn how to rewire your mind and focus on the truth that God is not done with you.

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