Culture or Kingdom

Apr 19, 2021

  • Culture or Kingdom
    Nolan Tjaden
    Daniel 5

The pressure and influence of culture invades your space. You can't help but read, hear, and see the culture around you. Sometimes you think of culture as a good thing, but what if God is calling you to a different narrative? What if God is asking you to be influenced by His Kingdom versus the world's culture?

In Daniel 5, we read about two people. One is influenced by the culture — marked by pride, a thirst for power, greed, and lust. The other is an image-bearer of the Kingdom. Do you find yourself plagued by fear, insecurity, loneliness, and confusion? These are inward marks of culture-influence. But God has a better story in mind for you, a story that reveals His Kingdom. Join us as we learn from Nolan how Daniel navigates the harsh culture around him, and how we are called to live today.

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