How to Fail

Apr 13, 2021

  • How to Fail
    Jason Clarke
    Daniel 4

The book of Daniel tells the story of a few young Hebrews that were exiled to Babylon, but right in the middle, we get a sneak peek into a conversation between God and King Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon. We see a man so filled with pride that he can't acknowledge the glory of God. The king gives us a picture of what it looks like to fail.

Through this moment we get a glimpse of how our own pride and arrogance can lead to our failure, but God in His grace gives us warning signs, wisdom, and boundaries to help us walk in His will. But should you ignore them you may find yourself on the road to failure. Open up Daniel 4 with us as Pastor Jason walks us through what pride looks like and gives us practical wisdom to avoid failure and bring glory to God. Join us for Week 05 of You Were Made For These Times.

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