Biblical Fasting

Jun 20, 2022

  • Biblical Fasting
    Scott Bean
    Matthew 4

Do you ever go to make a decision and aren't sure that you're doing the right thing? Do you want to be more reliant on God and less hungry for worldly things? Have you ever considered fasting for spiritual reasons, but don't know where to start? All through Scripture you see God lead and desire our growth toward Him through fasting and prayer. But do you understand why, how, and when to do it?

God is seeking you. If you take time to purpose yourself through fasting you will find that you are more deeply connected to Him and relying on Him for something that sustains you far better than food — a rich relationship with God, the Creator. Listen in this week as Scott leads through Matthew 4, the story of Jesus fasting for 40 days and nights as he is led into the wilderness before being tempted, and see how God is leading to full reliance on Him.

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