Unity Is Heaven's Strategy

Aug 04, 2020

    Jason Clarke
    Romans 14:1-19

There are a few keys to a winning team: A great coach, a star player, and a rigerous training porgram. But imagine you had all those things and were still losing. What's missing? Easily the most impartant factor on any winning team is UNITY.

As the Church we have a mission: to rise up and saturate our city with the Gospel. We already have the greatest coach (God the Father), a star player (Jesus Christ), and a killer training program (Discipleshi). What hangs in the balance between our church being rendered ineffective by Satan and flipping our city upsidedown is whether or not we are unified.

In John 17:20-21 Jesus prays specifically for our unity. In his prayer we find both how to be unified and the power that a united church has.

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