The Problem of Pain

Feb 26, 2021

  • The Problem of Pain
    Nolan Tjaden
    John 11:32-37

Pain and suffering are all around us. We each experience the hardships and sorrows of this world. We struggle to figure out why bad things happen and how is that, if there is a creator, that this pain would be allowed. How do you wrestle through the thoughts and emotions of pain? How do you logically understand it, while reconciling the feelings of your heart?

Nolan opens up John 11 this week and recounts the story of Jesus and the sorrow he experienced in losing his friend Lazarus. We see how Jesus sits with us in the pain, leads us out of doubts, and moves us toward hope. We see the power that Jesus has over the dead and the hope we have in Him alone. Join us for a compelling vision of what it looks like to work through pain and suffering with a biblical perspective — The Problem of Pain

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