Build Purposeful Relationships with Non-Christians

Apr 04, 2022

  • Build Purposeful Relationships with Non-Christians
    Jason Clarke
    Jeremiah 29

What the Israelites experienced in Babylon thousands of years ago isn't so much unlike how Christians feel in the western world today. The foundational beliefs, the traditions, and the influence of the Church meant nothing to the place they now lived in. The dominant culture didn't share the values and beliefs of the people who followed God, but how God asked them to live in that culture is likely very different than you'd imagine.

God told the Israelites to plant deep roots, be invested in the community, and build families right where they were. This is just as true for us today as it was then. Listen in as Pastor Jason teaches through Jeremiah 29 to hear how God is calling us to bless the people around us and build purposeful relationships with non-Christians, because God's plan for building His kingdom is bigger than we can understand.

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