Build Into The Kingdom

Build Into The Kingdom

It seems like a cloud of darkness has overshadowed the cities of the world. As Christians we can’t look away from this. We have to look it in the face and ask, “What does it mean for us to press in?”


So, let’s start facing the problem honestly. Prior to last year, the world was making great strides to diminish poverty, advance the gospel, and plant churches. Sadly, since the beginning of last March, we’ve taken a huge step backwards.

Churches across the US have disbanded. Pastors by the hundreds are quitting and failing. Joblessness and bankruptcy are sweeping like a plague. Despair abounds among the lost and believers alike. And that’s just in the United States! What about the rest of the world?

Among the nations, millions of people are descending in poverty. In fact even critical Jesus-centered mercy organizations like Compassion International have taken a devastating blow, as large gatherings that previously served to advance their message and donations have been brought to a tragic hault.



As followers of Jesus, those aren’t just sad statistics that affect “those people out there.” We take that personally. Why? Because our calling is to be a light of the world--in other words: we are to do tangible, Gospel good in the world so that people might see the light and goodness of Jesus (see Matthew 5:14-16).

Everyone is looking for the light of the world.

Part of the massive political unrest of last year comes from the deep, innate, and universal sense that all human beings are created in the image of God and called to advance goodness and justice. The problem is that, while politics matter, the government is just not the ultimate answer to any of these problems. Government is a common grace given by God for a number of vital reasons. But, it’s to God’s Church that the mission of reigniting hope, feeding the hungry, and helping the hurting belongs.

So, we need to rise up and do something about it.

This is going to take real sacrifice: putting our money where our mouth is. While it might be trendy to post solutions for the world on social media, it’s another thing to embark on a serious, strategic, and concerted effort to make a difference.



Our plan is Kingdom Builders.

Kingdom Builders is a fundraising initiative to advance the mission in our time through strategic financial investment in the areas of city impact, world missions, and church multiplication.



Rise has strategic partnerships with effective, like-minded, local outreaches that are doing tangible good in our city. As a Kingdom Builder, you’re funding trustworthy, effective, local organizations to do tangible, Kingdom-good throughout our city.

Organizations like Laundry Love is a ministry that washes the clothing of low/no income families and individuals. Braking Cycles is a coffee and bike shop that offers practical, on-the-job-training for teens transitioning off the streets of Portland. My Father’s House is a ministry that offers shelter for house-less families in Multnomah County.



As a Kingdom Builder, you’re supporting missions around the world, giving to seek Gospel advancement and practical mercy across the world.

We’re partnering with organizations that feed both the body and the soul. Organizations that feed the hungry and dig wells, and organizations that plant churches and make disciples.

We’re supporting one ministry that smuggled Bibles into communist countries in the 50’s, and now has an opportunity to establish the Bible as the children’s curriculum in public schools for a failed government in eastern Europe.

Lastly, a group we’re exceptionally excited about is the Timothy Initiative that plants churches in completely unreached tribes and nations.



When Jesus sent His disciples to make disciples to the ends of the earth they went on to plant churches. That’s because the single most important effective way to make disciples is to multiply churches.

Central to our Kingdom Builders initiative is strengthening, advancing, and multiplying the local church by financially supporting church plants and local church leaders.

We have a vision to fund not only new ministries, building projects, facilities, training, and leader equipping, but to actually plant churches and campuses both inside and outside of Rise.

As a Kingdom Builder you’re giving to that vision.


If you are already giving faithfully and generously to your local church, we would love to invite you to join Kingdom Builders and multiply your financial impact in 2021 and beyond.

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