Where do you turn when everything has fallen apart? Self-help, science, rules, or religion? From the beginning, the human heart has sought a solution. Deep in our hearts, we’re looking for more. But no “more” is ever found.

Until Jesus.

At the fullness of time, Jesus came down. To a Kingdom without a King, to a humanity without hope, to people without purpose, to sinners in need of a Savior, Jesus came. Jesus is the solution to our destruction, the healing for our harming, the restoration for our ruin. When we were proud, Jesus was perfect, when we were vandals Jesus is victorious, when we had given in, Jesus came to be given up. So who is Jesus?

Jesus is the God-man. Fully God and fully man. He is the second person of Trinity, uncreated, eternally existent, glorious, exalted, and worshipped by angels. Yet, He came down to be Born of an obscure virgin in Bethlehem, laid in a ramshackle stable, to live as sinless but suffering servant, and die on horrendous death on a cross. He died in our place for our sins to absorb the wrath of God in our place. The perfect Son died in the place of wayward ones so that they could be reconciled to the Father.

Because He was sinless, He can save us through His substitutionary death.
Because He rose again He can renew our hearts through His resurrection life.

So now, though we committed cosmic treason, Jesus cleanses our sin, covers us in His righteousness, and calls us citizens of His Kingdom. We are changed by believing in Jesus’ name. His redemption unravels sin’s ruin and turns sinners into sons by his blood. And by believing in Jesus’ Truth Satan’s Lie is loosed and demons are disgraced. By receiving His grace, our sin is erased. This is the Gospel, or the good news about Jesus.

Salvation is exclusively possible in Jesus. Yet, it will include anyone who calls upon Jesus. We’re calling you to repent of sin and believe in Him. If you believe in His life, His death, His resurrection, and His return then you will be saved from death, Hell, and the wrath of God. You’ll be made new in life now, brought into His presence in death, and rise again with Him when He returns.

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