Why the Bible Matters for Our Lives

Why the Bible Matters for Our Lives

It doesn’t take being around the church long before you begin to realize that Christians tend to spend a lot of time talking about the Bible. Sermons, songs, reading plans, conversations...it’s really hard to miss. But you aren’t a Christian long before you feel the guilt of not reading, not studying, not memorizing. For something that seems so basic to Christianity, why do we struggle so much? What is this book? Why do our hearts feel so empty when we stay away? Why does the Bible matter for our lives?

The Bible is not primarily a book of instructions although it does give instruction. It is not primarily a history book even though it does teach history. The Bible is not primarily a moral book although it will change your morals. It is not a book of apologetics even though it defends the Truth. The Bible is the very words of God written down in order to draw our hearts to know Him and to be transformed into being like Him.

When we approach the Bible it should always be with the expectation of being changed. Through the Bible, God still speaks into our lives. We learn of who He is and how He acts. We learn what burdens His heart and what makes Him laugh. To be in the Word of God is to experience God and in that experience to be changed.

Here at Rise our purpose is to Experience God and to live lives that matter. God in His wisdom has given us His written Word so that we might experience Him. As we privately and corporately read the Bible we are given entrance into the very heart of God. As we meditate on His Word, our lives are transformed to be more like Him. As we sing songs rooted in the Bible, our souls are focused on the eternal faith. As we study the Bible and engage in the preached Word, we come to experience God in a very real sense. The Word of God is central to how God through His Holy Spirit is making us into the very image of Jesus. In short, if we are to be a people who Experience God and live lives that matter than we must be a people who make much of the Bible.

The Bible matters, because God matters. If we love God, than we will love the Word that draws us closer to Him. If we desire to be like Him, than we will pursue Him through the Word. Even when our hearts our broken do not give up…Pursue God through His Word. It really does matter!

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