Story: Meet Tiffany

Story: Meet Tiffany

We found out that our sweet baby probably had Downs Syndrome at our 20 week ultrasound. Receiving that news felt like every medical professional was recommending an abortion. Not one person in the medical community said, “It will be ok, he can have a good life and this could be a blessing.

How do you stand up for carrying a child when you feel a medical professional is recommending not to? There is a lot of pressure to look perfect and do perfectly in this new world of pretty-perfect-polished. No one would know... even I with my strong personal convictions on the topic of valuing every life no matter how small, overheard the voice of “No one would could could try again." Though I know I wouldn't/couldn't end my pregnancy, that voice was there. Mostly it was a voice being directly spoken from our genetic counselor who said, "I have terrible news" when informing us DS was just a possibility. And my own OB checking in, "Are you sure?" referring to carrying the pregnancy. And scare tactics about our baby's life and different possibilities.

Following Jesus guarantees hardship and the Bible warns not to enter it lightly. It is a hard road, but I see compassion & love even as I adjust to the beautiful, hard work of motherhood and the differences my baby might face as he grows. I choose that path because it is the only one that gives me constant peace, constant reassurance, and is truly fulfilling. Without hardship we cannot see what true beauty and goodness is. No it's not a positive outlook, that is fleeting, it's relationship with the loving God.

Titan is a gift. He will show the world that he is valuable to this world, not a burden. And he will live a life that has just as much potential as any other person.”

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