Resources for Anger, Lust, & Divorce

Resources for Anger, Lust, & Divorce

Resources for the difficulties of anger, lust, and divorce.

In this passage (Matthew 5:21-32) Jesus calls his disciples to follow him out of anger, lust, and divorce. That's an incrediblly steep calling we cannot face without the even more incredible love of God.

Furthermore, we cannot face these painful circumstances alone. What do we do in the midst of anger, battles with lust, or in the face of divorce? The Gospel reminds us we have all fallen short and Jesus offers us grace. Part of that grace is walking through these things with help.

Below are some resources both interpersonal and informational to support you as you wrestle with these most difficult challenges.

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Personal Anger Assessment - This assessment is designed to help you understand how you manage your anger. Gary Chapman (the five love languages author) has a book on anger and tools to help below.

Counseling Services

Western Psychological & Counseling Services - "Western is committed to providing mental health services that promote positive outcomes. [They] are focused on making client lives better. They have locations scattered throughout the Portland Metropolitan area. Western has clinicians of each license type." (Excerpt from their website)

Christian Counselors Network - This is a network of Christian counselors put together by Focus on the Family. 


Uprooting Anger  By Robert D. Jones. - Uprooting Anger, written by Robert Jones, offers biblical help for a common problem. According to Jerry Bridges, “Every Christian ought to prayerfully read this book and apply its teaching.”

Anger By Gary Chapman - Gary Chapman--"author, speaker, and counselor--has a passion for people and for helping them form lasting relationships." This book on Anger is designed to help you tame this powerful emotion.

Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst - Lysa primarily writes for women, though some ideas can be applied to men and women. The Mulnomah County library also has an ebook, audiobook and a paper copy book available.

Grace Filled Parenting By Paul Tripp This book by Paul Tripp addresses some of the underlying issues of the heart in parenting by applying the Gospel to struggling parents. 

Need to Control Your Anger? By James Dobson This is a helpful article by Dr. james Dobson who offers solid biblical principles to deal with anger.


Controlling Anger So it Doesn't Control You Pt. 1 -
 Focus on the family hosts Gary Chapman and his book on Anger. Radio program part 1

Controlling Anger So it Doesn't Control You Pt. 2 - Focus on the family hosts Gary Chapman and his book on Anger. Radio program part 1

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Pure Desire Ministries - Pure Desire Ministries is a faith-based ministry that exists to "lead the way in the battle for integrity and purity in the church." They offer support groups affiliated with local churches, resources, blogs, and even a podcast. Check out this sight to explore tons of resources in the battle for pure desires.


Covenant Eyes -  Covenant eyes offers is accountability software. As stated on their website, "Covenant Eyes sends a report of your screen activity to a trusted friend, keeping you accountable for what you do on your device. This helps you live porn free."


Redemption By Mike Wilkerson "Most Christians don’t make golden idols like the Israelites in the wilderness, but we do set up idols on our own desert road—idols like substance abuse, pornography, gluttony, and rage...Redemption is not a step-oriented recovery book; it’s story-oriented and Bible-anchored. It unfolds the back-story of redemption in Exodus to help Christians better understand how Christ redeems us from the slavery of abuse, addiction and assorted trouble and restores us to our created purpose, the worship of God. Readers will discover that the reward of freedom is more than victory over a habitual sin or release from shame; it is satisfaction and rest in God himself." -- Crossway Bookstore

A Mind Set Free by Jimmy Evvans This is a very small book. It helps with addiction to lust, being broken, and many other issues.

Three Biblical Strategies For Fighting Lust  By Covenant Eyes - This is a very good article on defeating the lust of the eyes written from a Christian perspective


Discovering God's Freedom from Pornography  By Focus On The Family This is a two part youtube video that deals with pornography head on but in a respectful manner.

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Divorce CareYou can search this site to find divorce care support groups at many local churches.

Rise Marriage Team - The Rise Marriage Team exists to support the marriages and future marriages of Rise to strengthen forever lasting relationships. We focus on the areas of pre-marital coaching, marriage strengthening, and crisis support.


The Meaning of Marriage - This is an incredible book on marriage by Timothy Keller that targets "Christians, skeptics, singles, longtime married couples, and those about to be engaged".

Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggrichs - This book is a helpful guide in understanding the unique needs and motivation of men and women in marriage and is one of the bestselling Christian books on marriage.

The Five Love Languages - This is Gary Chapman's best selling book on understanding how to love in a way that honors your spouses unique wiring. 


When a Marriage Has Ended - This is a two part message by Rick Warren on dealing with divorce.


Learn How to Fight for Your Marriage - This is a message Rick Warren gave a Saddleback Church on how to fight for your marriage.