Questions for RISE YOUTH Families

Questions for RISE YOUTH Families

These questions are to help partner with you as you disciple your teenager.

Feb 6th - 7th 1 Timothy 1:1-7
Topic: “Defend the Faith”

01 Do you ever doubt? What questions do you have about Christianity or Jesus?
02 Have you ever gone through a season where you weren’t sure what you believed?
03 Why do you think Christianity could be true? What defenses for the faith make sense?
04 Why do you think Paul said the aim of our charge is love?
05 How would you define a “pure heart”?
06 Why is Paul so harsh on the guys who preach fake Christianity?
07 Should we be harsh on people who don’t understand Jesus?
08 How could Christianity be appealing to outsiders? 

Feb 13th - 14th
Topic: “Purpose of law on the lawless” 1 Timothy 1:8-11 

01 In your own words...What the heck is the law?
02 Why did God give us the law?
03 How would you define a sinner?
04 Do you think there’s really such a thing as right and wrong? Why?
05 Do you think christianity is a religion that’s bigoted against gay people?
06 What applications do you think this passage has for your life?
07 What is sound doctrine and why does it matter?
08 What is the Gospel and how does it change everything for humanity?
09 Why do you think Paul described the Gospel as the “Gospel of the glory of the blessed”? What does that even mean? 

Feb 20th - 21st
Topic: “Saved for a Purpose”

01 Seems like Paul had a rugged story, does anyone know what it was?
02 Why would God give mercy to a messed up dude like Paul?
03 What is grace? How would you define it?
04 have experienced grace like that before?
05 Who have you known that was totally rocked by grace?
06 Why do you think Paul thought of himself as the foremost of sinners? Is he really the worst? Then why?
07 How would it change your life if you considered yourself the foremost of sinners?
08 Paul was saved for a unique purpose. Do you think you were? What purpose?
09 how could you use your life for God’s glory?

Feb 27th - 28th 1 Timothy 2:1-3
Topic: “Pray for all people, especially leaders” 

01 Define prayer in your own words.
02 Do you struggle with prayer? Why?
03 What has worked in your experience to cultivate a life of prayer?
04 Why do you think God wants us to pray?
05 Where is the best place to pray?
06 Why do you think God wants us to pray for leaders?
07 Does this include messed up leaders?
08 What is this quiet life Paul is talking about?
09 Why wouldn’t Paul say a big important life? How does this differ from our culture?

Mar 6th - 7th 1 Timothy 2:4
Topic: “God desires ALL to be saved”

01 What does it mean to be saved?
02 Are you saved? Why do you think so?
03 What does it take to be saved?
04 Why is God so passionate about lost and broken people?
05 Do you share God’s heart for people that are far from him?
06 How could you soften your heart more to people who are far from God?
07 If you truly partnered with God to see the lost saved what would you do?
08 Who do you know right now that you need to start befriending and reaching?
09 What steps could you take to reach out to them this week?

Mar 13th - 14th 1 Timothy 2:5-7
Topic: “Jesus, the only way!”

01 Do you think there’s truly only one way to get to God?
02 Have you ever tried to earn favor before God apart from Jesus?
03 What do you tend to look to other than Jesus for your identity or security?
04 Why are people so offended by this idea of only one way?
05 If it’s true that there’s only “one way” how does that affect your life? Friendships? 06 What is this idea of a ransom?
07 What is a mediator?
08 Why do we need a ransom or mediator?
09 How could you walk in more humility in light of God’s mediator-ship and ransom of you? 

Mar 20th - 21st 1 Timothy 2:8-15
Topic: “Men and Women in the Church”

01 What stood out to you from this teaching?
02 How has the world historically treated women?
03 What has Jesus done to elevate women and how does he define femininity?
04 Do you agree with God’s views on this topic?
05 In what ways is God challenging your ideas or views?
06 What is holiness and why does it matter to God?
07 Whether you’re a guy or girl, what does holiness look like in your life?
08 What does holiness do for your reputation? For your character? 

Mar 27th - 28th 1 Timothy 3:1-7
Topic: “Elders”

01 Who do you think is great leader? Why?
02 What kind of qualities make a great leader?
03 What qualities does our culture typically think of when they think of leadership?
04 How does the bibles list of leadership qualities differ from the world’s?
05 Why is character such an important part of leadership? How does it affect those who follow?
06 Why do you think a leader needs to be a good parent according to God?
07 What small things has God given you charge of in your life?
08 How can you use what God’s given you charge of today to prepare for more later? 

Apr 10th - 11th 1 Timothy 3:8-13
Topic: “Jesus vs. Religion”

01 Have you ever met someone who was super “religious”? What were they like? 02 What are the key differences between Gospel and Religion?
03 What’s the Gospel?
04 Why does the Gospel produce joy in us?
05 How do you need to grow in being more Gospel-centered rather than relgious? 06 How does religion cause us to think of others?
07 How does the Gospel compel us to think of and treat others?
08 Spend time praying for each other to be impacted by the Gospel from the heart.

Apr 24th - 25th 1 Timothy 4:11-16
Topic: Lead Boldly, regardless…"

01 How does our culture tell us young people should live?
02 What does our culture think of young people?
03 What does scripture offer to youth?
04 Why does this passage emphasize the teaching of scripture so much?
05 have you progressed in your discipleship? Why or why not?
06 What area do you need to grow? Speech, life, love, faith, purity? 07 Do you need accountability from us?
08 Spend time praying for each other. In these areas. 

Nolan Tjaden

Nolan Tjaden

I grew up in Gresham where I first met Jesus and now I'm on mission with him at Rise with my wife Lindsey and two little rascals Ollie and Remy.

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