Kylie Missions Update

Kylie Missions Update

Hi everyone! 

Well, March was definitely a busy month. It didn't go by quite as fast as February which I am okay with. I am having fun here and learning more and more every day. Everyone keeps asking if I'm ready to come home and my answer lately has been "I am having fun here, but home is home for me." 

I recently just finished my class on the book of Acts, and I really enjoyed it and feel like I learned a lot. Tomorrow I will start a class on mission trips (what a coincidence). They plan this class towards the end of the spring so that in May, students will be more prepared to go on the seminary mission trips to Oaxaca or Vizcaino (the class will be split in half).

As far as work goes, we've been busy here. We are constantly working on various "smaller" projects in between mission teams. This month, one example of what we have done, is we have started to build a small storage shed for the Pastor here at the church in Papalote. Another thing we accomplished before the last team arrived was getting more work done on the shed for Dwight Hires. I have never mixed so much cement in my life! 

There is usually a bigger project planned for when teams are here. The last team that was here, and just left yesterday (3/29/19) helped us work on the church here. We were able to put in new flooring in the dorms as well as give the inside of the church a paint job and wash ALL of the chairs and polish them. The church was painted a aqua type color. Very much a "Mexico" type color for buildings. The Pastor's wife is extremely happy. Everyone loves it. I don't have a full picture, but I will attach ones I was able to get for now. 

One thing that is a little different than what I expected (a big part of missions I'm learning) is that I haven't been able to get as much time in with Ilene, the RN here. She is very busy handling things with Northern Lights Ministry as well (she is the wife of the President, Don Nagle). However, this last Thursday and Friday I was able to spend time with her and it was very eye opening. We visited a few people with blood pressure problems, those who have diabetes, and a family who had a sick little boy. 

One of these patients stuck out the most for me. Well, more so his family. This man's name is Isaias (Isaiah). He is a diabetic and an amputee, as well as blind. His daughter takes care of him and lives with him. I don't think she is more than 28 years old. While Ilene and I were visiting him, taking his vitals, etc. we were able to talk with his daughter and get to know what has been going on a little more. We noticed that there were three kids at the house. She told us that they were her niece and two nephews (15, 12, and 4). They were not in school because their widowed father doesn't allow them to leave their house (not far from the house of Isaias). The 12 year old makes it to school sometimes, but not enough. Sometime they walk over to eat because their aunt tells them to but they are constantly afraid of their dad. He gives them about $8.00 a week for food and to care for themselves while he lives with his girlfriend about 20 minutes away. The aunt told us that she would be willing to care for them but the dad won't allow it and she doesn't have the resources. She can barely get laundry soap she said. 

This was heart-breaking. Ilene has started up a "compassion fund" for situations including this. She told the aunt that NLM would help provide necessities, such as soap, beds, etc. for her and the kids but the aunt needs to work with the family center near by who - we just found out - told her that most likely they would remove the kids from their dad's custody. If this happens, we want to make sure that the kids would be able to come live with the aunt and Isaias (Grandpa). We currently have a few people starting to get the house fixed up so that if the state does come look at the living situation, they will hopefully approve the aunt to take care of them. 

This whole situation is complicated because the dad will fight back and cause problems but we are going to try to do out best and help this family be prepared. 

Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers and for you support! I can never say thank you enough. I will do my best to keep everyone updated. As always, if there is anyone whom you think would like to read this, feel free to forward. 

(The pictures below are: Us painting the church, Isaias and his 12 yr. old grandson, Pastor Francisco Junior and Maria Campos.)

Thank you!