Kylie Missions Update: April

Kylie Missions Update: April

April Update!

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Hello everyone! 


This month was another eye opener of just how AMAZING our God is. He shows us His UNCONDITIONAL love and guidance even when we can’t see it at times. In April, He really helped me grow my relationships here and I was able to see His power once again. 


Where to start? Let’s see if I can get this in order! 


April started with us being able to finish the shed that we’ve been working on almost my entire time here. Because we don’t work on the same projects everyday until they’re finished (unless a visiting team is here), many get split up into weeks or months depending on the size of the project. 

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The first weekend of April the church here had the privilege to host the annual women’s conference for the Free Methodist Church in North Baja California (Baja California is two states, North and South split). There were about 150 people all together. Amazing testimonies were shared, great sermons, games and fellowship as well. It was a wonderful experience to learn from.

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The next big thing to happen was one where I was actually able to use some of my work history for! I apologize ahead of time - my dad says I am terrible at telling stories but I tried. 


The pastor here in Papalote got a phone call one morning that a fellow pastor in a town over was hurt and couldn’t get up from the floor.  Long story short, when we arrived, the Pastor’s wife Isabela told us that he hurt his back a few days before lifting something heavy and felt something in his back move. He had gone to get a massage and then the next morning, he couldn’t walk and barely had feeling in his legs. We called an ambulance but well…ambulances in Mexico - at least out in the valleys - aren’t very reliable I’ve learned. We had waited so long we decided to MAKE OUR OWN STRETCHER and “deliver” Pastor Javier to the nearest hospital. Did I mention he lives on the second story of a building? We had 4 guys to carry him down the “L” shaped stairs…I am sure my blood pressure was sky high just watching them.


I know I said long story short, but this was such a crazy experience. After a few days I think it was, we found out that Javier had TWO bulging discs pressing against his spinal cord. It was causing extreme pain and cutting off the blood flow to his legs which caused him to fall and lose feeling in them. His back was also very inflamed.  


Fast forward to the first week of May: Pastor Javier is doing much better after following doctor’s orders and is able to walk without a walker now. GOD IS GOOD. Surgery may need to happen, but not right now. 

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Finally, the latest event to take place was the KIDS BOOT CAMP we put together. We talked about being “soldiers of the Lord’s army.” It was only two days with a sleepover in tents with a bonfire. It was so much fun with everywhere decorated, fun stories for the kids, and I think the kids loved the OBSTACLE COURSE the most. The students organized an obstacle course which included a slack line, tires to jump and crawl through, crawling the the jungle gym, etc. It was really like a kids version of “Amazing Race.” It was very entertaining to watch…and participate in because I found out last minute that both teams had to have an adult do the course with them. I got stuck crawling through a tire…there is NO PICTURE thank goodness! 


But, overall to see the love, enthusiasm and joy these kids have for God is so inspiring and encouraging. We are doing something right! 

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My last month here has started and it is very bittersweet. I know that it is going to fly by. Mother’s Day is coming up, my birthday May 12th, then a break for the school mission trip. One group is going to Oaxaca and my group will go Vizcaino. Three days after we get back, I WILL BE HOME! 


Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. I can’t say it enough. I have been beyond blessed. 

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