Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups


Discipleship Groups will launch on June 10th. As the world, Oregon, and Multnomah County slowly re-open we re-open discipleship groups with intentional precautions to continue the mission of making disciples in a way that keeps our youth and families safe.

The night will start with smaller, socially distanced upfront teaching with 25 students or less per room, high school and middle school separate. Then we will break into smaller groups of 10 or less students where discipleship happens in the Word with a leader. Again, social distance practices in place.


Ice Breaker / Relational Time.

Questions about 1 Corinthians Passage and how it applies to daily life.

Leaders asking about how daily study is going. Making new students aware, and gently keeping everyone accountable for reading and growing.

Time of ​Prayer Requests



Discipleship groups are a relational garden for students’ spiritual maturity to flourish over the summer.

The reason we’re calling these “Discipleship Groups” this summer is because we’re less focused on reaching a lot of students and more focused on building those who join in Gospel maturity.

We want our city to say, “If you want your kid to grow spiritually plug them into a discipleship group at Rise Youth!”

We want students to say, “I went for a fun time, but I really found life change.” 

To that end, we want these to be very relationally-focused and spiritually-challenging groups.

Our leaders are prepared to really dig in, love students, and develop their groups spiritually. They should cultivate transparency with one another, cherishing the Gospel, and growing in sanctification.



Students who join us for Discipleship Groups will be taken through a book of the Bible slowly.

1 Corinthians 11-Week Study. This letter touches on a ton of topics and serves to force believers to ask a ton of very practical questions. It's a great book to begin seeing all of life from a biblical worldview.

This book will challenge students to grow personally, and think more like a Christian more broadly than many other books could accomplish in 11 weeks. Students will be given a daily bible reading guide. Our leaders will set the example by answering every question on time faithfully.

Takeaway Saturdays This will be where all students who are a part of a group will be posting about the study. We are challenging the students to post one takeaway per week.



Keep in mind these rules are subject to change with the changing guidelines. This is the best we have for the current circumstance. We will communicate as things evolve. I'm asking for your prayer, partnership, and patience as we are learning how to navigate these waters together. We all need to remain flexible and agile. The rules we have planned right now are as follows:

Students must make reservations in advanced each week.

Students may not arrive early or stay late.

Entrance and exit on north side of the building only.

Hand sanitizer required upon entry.

No entrance for students with symptoms of coughing, running nose, or fever.

All social distancing practices in effect throughout the night.

Leaders wearing masks in the halls.

Students are not required to wear masks, but we will enforce a rule of no tolerance for students teasing one another for mask choices. This is both physically and emotionally safe space for students.

Teachings with 25 or less students as of right now per the current Oregon guidelines, 6ft apart.

Small groups include 10 or less students.

Students who disregard rules will need to be taken home that night and won't return the next week or until we talk with parents.

Two leaders per group for groups that meet in rooms with doors. Nolan and Scott will be walking around to check each group. No adults alone with students as always.



#1 If your child tests positive for COVID19 we need to know immediately. We will communicate with each parent from that students small group within the first three hours of having that information.

#2 We will send out a mass email to Rise Youth parents with the relevant information. Email will be the primary form of broader communication.

#3 We will cancel that particular group for at least 14 days and evaluate the youth night with the Rise Leadership Team, sending clear communication to parents as soon as a decision is made.