Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap

A Call to Young Adult Discipleship at Rise from Kayla Asbury

As a 25-year-old woman who attends Rise City Church, I am an anomaly because I have chosen to remain a believer and active member of a local church. As a person in her 20’s, I have been fortunate enough to have mentors since high school who have continued to disciple me, but I’m noticing a rising young adult community that hasn’t been so lucky.

Most peers I interact with have a hard time finding belonging in the Church, so they find community in their co-workers and serve others through social causes they feel passionate about. What is missing in their relationship with the Church? How do we as a Church come alongside young adults as they navigate through such a transformative season of life?

If you take 20 minutes to read through 1 + 2 Timothy, it is easy to spot a strong bond between a young man named Timothy and a fiercely devoted follower of Jesus named Paul. During the last years of his life, Paul intentionally devotes his precious time in instructing Timothy, a young man raised by strong female believers, on how to lead the next generation of the Church.

Through the example of these two men, I believe God is providing Rise with the opportunity to tap into the amazing gift of a growing young adult community who are to lead our next generation of believers in saturating our city with the Gospel.

How do we, like Paul, intentionally pour into the future leaders of the Church and disciple them as they continue the mission of the Gospel?


01 Widen Your Circle

Take a mental inventory of how many young adults you interact with on a weekly basis. Are they walking down the “hall of friendliness” at Rise on Sundays, attending your city group, babysitting your kids, or are they your co-workers? Pray for God to point out a few of these individuals for you to intentionally pour into.


02 Hear Their Story and Share Your Own

In the beginning of 1 Timothy, Paul establishes a commonality with Timothy by sharing how he came to know Jesus. Likewise, young adults today need older believers coming alongside them to show a raw and authentic picture of Jesus and the Gospel at work in their lives. Once you feel like you have a connection and relationship with a young believer, share your story and they will feel free to share theirs.


03 Equip Them for Discipleship

As you grow deeper relationships with young believers, empower them to start discipling others. No one is an expert discipler, but by inviting them to serve and do life alongside you, you are equipping them to take your place as a spiritual leader.

Through Paul’s conversation with Timothy, we learn that the mission of the Gospel bridges an undeniable gap between young believers and mature members of the Church. At Rise, let’s commit to empowering our rising young adults with every opportunity and resource they need to continue the Gospel in our city.

Kayla Asbury

Kayla Asbury

Kayla Joy is a passionate 20-something who spends her days working her dream job at Sseko Designs, discovering new cafes in Portland, and hanging out with her young adult community at Rise.

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