5 Ways to allow Jesus to Change You

5 Ways to allow Jesus to Change You

To be a disciple means to become more like Jesus as we follow him. He wants to transform us into his likeness. And we have a role to play in this transformation, this process of sanctification. God wants to us actively pursue growth and take steps to allow him to change us. So how do we do that? Here are 5 ways to allow Jesus to change you to be more like him. 

1. Understand that God views you as righteous

When God looks at you, he views the righteousness of his Son Jesus. All the love, adoration, and acceptance that He has for Jesus, he has for you! Once you understand the incredible power that comes with being declared righteous, you no longer have to feel defensive about all the change that God wants to bring about in you.

2. Confess your brokenness

Since you are already declared righteous, you can confess your brokenness, knowing full well that the brokenness doesn’t affect how God views you! If we do not confess to specific ways we are broken, we cannot be healed and transformed from that brokenness.

3. Immerse yourself in scripture, prayer, books, and podcasts

If we are going to allow Jesus to change us, the best thing we can do is allow him every opportunity possible. So immerse yourself in scripture, read it fervently and often. Give yourself over to real time listening to the voice of Jesus in prayer. Read books that point you to Jesus. Listen to podcast and sermons. Soak yourself in Jesus and you’ll find yourself stained by his scent, looking more and more like him with each passing day.

4. Find someone following Jesus and follow them

One of the early and most influential leaders of the church told his brothers and sisters “follow me as I follow Jesus.” Find someone who just drips with Jesus from every fiber of their being and spend as much time with them as possible. Watch them, learn from them, and imitate them. You’ll find incredibly practical ways to be more like Jesus just by being around them.

5. Take A Scary Step of Faith

Most of the decisions we make are decisions we are comfortable with; things we know we can accomplish according to our particular experience and abilities. But when we take bold steps, we find ourselves weak and dependent on Jesus. It’s in those moments that the Holy Spirit fills us, transforming us to be more like Jesus. God tells us that his power is made perfect in the moments of our greatest weakness.