4 Reason You Should Pray with Us

4 Reason You Should Pray with Us

Friday night, September 22nd, we are praying together as a unified body for Rise’s future impact in our city. We would ask you to either join us at stomping grounds at 6:30pm, gather with friends and family in your home, or pray solo by yourself that night. Some of you heard the announcement and were immediately excited—while others may not have given it a second thought due to busy schedules, tired weeks, and complicated circumstances. But I want you to pause and give this call to gather and pray a second thought. 


Here are 4 reasons you should join us in prayer on Friday. 

1 - Prayer unifies our church in this endeavor

Rise is seeking a place to call "Home" that will be a strong, visible presence in our city. It is vitally important that this process brings us together, unifying us in our mission to saturate our city with the Gospel. In a room of 250 people, you might get 251 different opinions. Yet, we believe God will use this process to unify our church behind a Gospel-Centered vision of this city's future. 

If you have hesitations in this, join us in prayer Friday night. Praying that in this process, we would be united together in our call to make disciples of Jesus as messengers of His good news. And if you find yourself disagreeing with this step, even more reason for you to pray, because….


2 - Prayer guides our decisions

We are called to make plans with wisdom and insight, but ultimately it is the LORD who must guide this entire process. He is the one who directs our steps. So as a church, we want to be wholly devoted to His guidance. How do we do that? Through the reading of the Word and prayer. 

Pray God directs your involvement. Pray God guides the leadership of Rise. Pray for skill and insight and creativity for the Facility Team. Join us to pray that it is God who guides and God who gets the glory. 


3 - This endeavor is bigger than any one of us

In order to do accomplish this goal of planting Rise's presence in our city, we are going to need to raise a significant amount of financial support. We have a goal of raising half-a-million dollars towards this endeavor over the next two years. I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like an incredible amount of money. It is a number far beyond me. On top of that, the facility size and proper zoning we need are scarce on the East Side. 

Yet, here is the beautiful part of all this: God knows where the future home of Rise is, exactly how much funding we need, and how He will provide for what He has called us to do. So, if we are going to find a place to call home and acquire the resources to pay for it, we must rely on God for HIS provision. 


4 - Prayer is how this work will be accomplished. 

As Kyle asked on Sunday. “If the city-transforming work you sought only came by prayer, would it ever come?” This work, the work of being Jesus’ Church for the good of our city, is only accomplished when it is steeped in prayer. Let us not say our church fell short in its calling because we were too busy, too lazy, or too preoccupied to stop and pray. 


So I will ask you to do one of three things:

1 - Join us Friday night at 6:30pm at Stomping Groups

OR: 2 - Gather your family together, and using this prayer card, pray for our church

OR: 3 - By yourself, before bed on Friday night, pray through this prayer card


Prayer Card