• Jul 10, 2018

    Serving Makes A Difference

    The Hardest Week of My Life

    In 2006 I went to Mexico. I went on this week-long mission trip with 20 or 30 other students. We spent money, got in a van, drove for hours, and sweated our brains out doing tireless labor building a church. And it was real work. My hands were a calloused, bloody mess, mixed with dried stucko all week long. I couldn’t sleep in the heat, on the cot, with the bugs. But I’ve never felt more spiritually “full” than during that week.

  • Reading the Bible with Intentionality

    Jul 02, 2018

    Reading the Bible with Intentionality

    Approaching the Bible can be a difficult task. In my personal experience however, the breakthrough usually comes when I have specific intentionality while I read. Instead of reading out of obligation, I open the Word with earnest expectation and intentionality. Our minds are designed in such a way as to soak in the most data when our learning is connected with authentic interest.

    Here are a few suggestions on reading the Bible with intentionality--so that it flows more easily into our everyday life. In all these approaches, underlining, highlighting things, as well as taking notes is very helpful. Praying for God to guide us to the places we should go in our reading is also very good to do.


  •  You're Longing to Be Baptized

    Jun 25, 2018

    You're Longing to Be Baptized

    What I learned from an ex-gang-member.

    I recently had my mind blown talking to a friend who left gang-life upon encountering the Gospel.

    He said the most profound thing.

    He told me how much baptism made sense after growing up in gang culture. Because, in a gang you’re initiated through a crime or fighting. It’s a mark of your permanent inclusion into the family. He said he noticed in the Church you’re initiated too. You’re initiated by being immersed, not in evil, but in the renewing waters of baptism. He realized the Church is the better fulfillment of what the human heart longs for in a gang.

    As my friend spoke I realized how important baptism is...

  • What to Do When They Ask 'Why?'

    Jun 20, 2018

    What to Do When They Ask 'Why?'

    My mind wasn’t seeking to answer the question, “How do I answer this question?” It was struggling to answer, “How do I answer all of the why questions over the next twenty years?” I was panicked, but what I quickly realized was that I was being given a gift. My son was asking me why. This was a grand opportunity to guide and teach him. But how do I answer his questions of “Why?”
  • Jun 14, 2018

    Help! I Have Teenagers. . .

    Help I have teenagers...and I think they hate me. For reals. They really do.

    I have turned into a complete dunce overnight and apparently, I now know nothing. Absolutely nothing. And to top it off, I am sooo uncool. Downright embarrassing, I am. Who took my confidence? I am afraid I have utterly failed as a parent. They.Hate.Me.

  • Bridge the Gap

    Jun 11, 2018

    Bridge the Gap

    A Call to Young Adult Discipleship at Rise from Kayla Asbury

    As a 25-year-old woman who attends Rise City Church, I am an anomaly because I have chosen to remain a believer and active member of a local church. As a person in her 20’s, I have been fortunate enough to have mentors since high school who have continued to disciple me, but I’m noticing a rising young adult community that hasn’t been so lucky.

  • Raising A Generous Generation

    Jun 05, 2018

    Raising A Generous Generation

    After last Sunday's sermon, I got to thinking more about generosity.  I started wondering if I am teaching my children to be generous?  Scripture calls us to be generous people, but am I living this out in front of my children?  Am giving as I am able?  Am I actively teaching my children to do these things?  The very best way to teach our children is to lead them by example.  Am I doing this adequately?

  • Don't Sugarcoat God with Your Kids

    Jun 04, 2018

    Don't Sugarcoat God with Your Kids

    Have you ever tried to explain a hard truth from scripture to your child? There are some hard truths in scripture, and because of that, there are times we can not only explain some of those truths in overly watered down terms, but also omit teaching them entire concepts.

  • The Gospel on Social Media

    Jun 01, 2018

    The Gospel on Social Media

    There’s no verse in the bible saying thou shall not tweet. There’s no commandment authorizing selfy-stories. It doesn’t say, "for God so loved Facebook that he gave a few likes." We don’t get some black-and-white verse. Instead we’re given from scripture something much more complex, colorful, and helpful than that for our everyday lives. . . 


  • 5 Books You Should Read this Summer

    May 31, 2018

    5 Books You Should Read this Summer

    When I was younger, reading things like theology was a daunting task. . . But, while we all find reading fiction for pleasure enjoyable, what if you supplemented the sugar of fiction stories with the nutritious reading of truth?

  • The Gospel in Loneliness

    May 30, 2018

    The Gospel in Loneliness

    The more we hide from one another, the more lonely we get, in fact. And that’s why the gospel speaks to the core of loneliness. God did not hide himself from us, but in Jesus Christ made himself fully known. He revealed his very heart toward humanity, and his deep desire to save us. He displayed the most perfect image of his glory, his beauty and majesty, yes his very nature when he gave his son. God, in Jesus, exposed himself completely and was vulnerable to the point of being murdered by a humanity that would rather hide than to be fully known.

  • How to Establish Family Devotions

    May 28, 2018

    How to Establish Family Devotions

    5 practical tips for establishing rhythms of devotion in your family

  • Thoughts on Motherhood

    May 11, 2018

    Thoughts on Motherhood

    Mother's Day 2018


    The toughest hood there ever was.

    Motherhood is selfless, exhausting, thankless, and the reason I don’t shower as much as I’d like.  But motherhood is also magical, fun (so so fun!), adventurous, and incredibly fulfilling.  So fulfilling that there are actually moments when you look at your children and feel like your heart might burst right open.  It is a type of love, unlike any other, that is unconditional, intense, and unbreakable. 

  • Go Deeper.

    May 10, 2018

    Go Deeper.

    We get bored of the same. That’s why apps  that constantly change and progress (think Instagram or your favorite news feed) attract your attention. We were made for the pursuit of more. And God is not incapable of satisfying our interest and longing for that more.

  • Story: Meet Tiffany

    Mar 21, 2018

    Story: Meet Tiffany

    We found out that our sweet baby probably had Downs Syndrome at our 20 week ultrasound. Receiving that news felt like every medical professional was recommending an abortion. Not one person in the medical community said, “It will be ok, he can have a good life and this could be a blessing.