Our church is a creature of the word; we are shaped, directed, and built upon scritpure. And since Jesus is the hero of the bible, Jesus is the hero of every sermon. The sermon is not a time for man's wisdom, but God's divine revelation.

Recent Sermon Series

Most of our sermons are a part of short 4-8 week series built around either a book of the bible or biblical theme.

Stand Alone

Sermons that are not part of a series

King & Cross
Winning Marriage
Advent 2017
Nehemiah - Do Something Great
This is Jesus
The Book of Acts
Rise Retreat

Teachings from our annual Rise Retreat.

Rise Up

Early 2017

The Advent of Jesus

Christmas 2016

The Art of Joy

The book of Philippians


We Are A Church on Mission.

Coming Home

Return of the prodigal son


What if we were a people shaped through prayer?

Gospel Centered Community

What happens to people in a church when Jesus is king of their hearts

I Am He

The 7 I Am Statements of Jesus in the Book of John

Built Upon

Doctrine is biblical truth worth building your life upon.

Rise Preaching Team

Jason Clarke is the primary teaching pastor at Rise, but we also have a preaching team that preaches about once every two months.

Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke

Jason is the primary teaching pastor at Rise.

Kyle Stillman

Kyle Stillman

Kyle is the leader of the Rise worship team.

Chris Cutshall

Chris Cutshall

Chris is one of the founders of Rise.

Nolan Tjaden

Nolan Tjaden

Nolan leads Rise Youth.