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What is the Rise Together Campaign?


We believe that through the people of Jesus in His local church, Jesus is bringing Gospel transformation to this city. Rise has a huge part to play in all of this. But this is not a short-term endeavor—this is about the long haul. And if we want to continue to grow in influence for the coming years, to sustain a Gospel impact for the coming decades—we need to establish ourselves as a stable presence in our community. 

In order to do this more effectively, the time has come to acquire a 24/7 facility for Rise.

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How Will We Accomplish Our Goals?

Future Facility Team

Future Facility Team

First, we've built a time of wise and experienced individuals to lead our church through this process.

Meet the Team

Finding A Facility

Finding A Facility

The Facility is in the procoess of finding potential facilities that could be the future home of Rise

Fund A Facilty

Fund A Facilty

In 2017, we will hold a financial campaing with the purpose of having funds in hand for when God brings the right facility opportunity our way.


Our Facility Team is made up of wise and experienced individuals from Rise who will lead our church in the right direction through this process. We have a diverse team with many relevant backgrounds that go beyond the capacity of our church's leadership team.

facility Team


Alex is helping to consult on communication and strategy. She was very involved in a successful capital campaign in the past and brings invaluable perspective and experience.


Dave is leading the facility team through the entire process. Dave brings years of church leadership and business experience in the building trade.


Jason owns a commercial construction company in the Portland area. It is such a bene t for our team to have his connections and knowledge.


Jared works as a professional excavator. He is a part of the group that is searching facility possibilities and meeting with our commercial realtor.


Cory is in charge of Corporate Operations at Black Rock Coffee. He brings his knowledge of opening new locations to the Rise Facility Team.


Jason is the Lead Pastor at Rise and is involved in the communication and planning of this campaign.


Jared oversees all production at Rise and is very involved in the day to day searching for potential facility space.


Justin is the VP of Member Services at Trailhead Credit Union. He brings years of banking experience and wise finnancial management to our process.


Sean (not pictured) is a professional electrician that works daily in the industry. He is a Team Lead and City Group Leader at Rise and is helping on the facility finding aspect of our team.

Common Questions

Why do we need our own facility?

Mountainview Church has been wonderful in letting us lease their extra space on Sunday nights. But every maturing church is like a maturing family, and there comes a time to move into a home of our own. As is talked about in the Vision on pages 04 and 05, having our own facility will better allow us to express our unique identity as a church, to have a wider influence through more availability and ministry opportunities, a home base to train and equip for mission, and a stronger, more visible presence in our city.

Do we know where the location is yet?

We do not have a specific place in mind but we have set some parameters. We want to get a facility that is at least 10,000 sq feet with ample parking. A facility that will allow us to have a 300+ person sanctuary, plenty of space for kids, an adequate entryway, bathrooms, kitchen, and hopefully a multi-use room and offices. We’ve also set location boundaries that can be seen on the map below. We’ll look at commercial and industrial spaces, old churches, and any other potential property that God may lay before us. 


Why spend money on a facility instead of putting this money towards ministry?

This is a ministry-focused investment. We believe acquiring a 24/7 facility will help us be more effective in our mission to make disciples for two primary reasons. First, it allows us to plant a long-term presence in our city. It communicates to both our church and the city around us that we are committed to long-term Gospel ministry in this community for the foreseeable future. Think food cart vs restaurant—both can serve great food, one of them has established its long-term presence. Secondly, we believe it will provide an infrastructure for more effective, wider-reaching ministry. Think battlefield medic vs building a general hospital—both can be effective, but one of them has a much higher impact and can help way more people. 

How will the funds be used and who will decide?

Our goal of $500k gives us leverage in two different areas. First, it allows us resources for build-out and upgrades to whatever building we find. We will most likely have very different needs and city requirements that will cost money to renovate. On top of that, we will need to purchase furniture, children’s resources, and production equipment that we do not currently own. But this number will also allow us to offset the monthly increase that will come with a larger space. Our hope is to set apart 18-24 months of “rent relief” to make up for that increased monthly payment. 

Our Facility Team is made up of wise and experienced individuals from Rise who we believe can lead our church in the right direction through this process. We have a diverse team with many relevant backgrounds that go beyond the capacity of our church's leadership team. So the Facility Team will lead this process and guide these choices, with final decisions, approval, and oversight coming from the Rise Leadership Team. 

Why are we having a separate campaign from general giving?

It is important that all of this is separate from our general giving, so that we can continue to focus financial resources on the ministries of Rise. By doing a capital campaign, it allows us to make a huge change in facility without creating a competing financial focus that takes away from current ministry resources. It’s important to note that all funds given toward the Rise Together campaign are moved into a separate account dedicated to future facility costs, and will only be used for that purpose. 

How does this fit with our vision to rise up and saturate our city with the Gospel?

The Rise Together campaign is about all of us together doing bigger and greater things than any one of us could possibly do on our own. We believe that being a part of this campaign will encourage all of us, challenge us, and deepen our faith in God as He richly provides more than we could ever ask or imagine. That is the beautiful part about campaigning toward a vision, not just a specific facility. But this also allows us to make a huge step towards Gospel saturation as we plant a deeper, more permanent presence in our city. 

I don’t have much money, how can I be a part of this?

Rise Together is about ALL OF US contributing financially with whatever we are able to give. When Nehemiah led the Israelites in the rebuilding of the wall, not everyone contributed the same amount. The point wasn’t having everyone doing the same amount of work, the point was having everyone contribute what they could. We are doing everything we can to intentionally include our entire church in this process of raising the funds for a 24/7 facility—youth and children, young and old, rich and poor— all included. Seek the Lord, get creative, and contribute by building the section of the wall you’re called to build, and do so with joy!

Have we saved any money yet?

Yes! Rise opened up a separate facility account and started putting money away starting in July of 2016. We wanted to create a good habit of saving and show our commitment to the process. As of June 2017 we have just over $21,500 in that account. By the time most of you read this we will be over 5% of the way to our goal before the campaign even starts! 

Rise Together Booklet

The Rise Together Booklets lay out our strategy for acquiring a 24/7 facility. You can download them here or grab one from the next steps table.