4 Ways to Beef Up Your Invite | Rise Youth

4 Ways to Beef Up Your Invite | Rise Youth

how to get more of your friends to youth group

1. Buy them a Mocha.

Not many people will want to go to a youth ministry ordeal, it may sound religious, boring, or they may not know what to expect. Rise Youth is a party, but having fun on the way there never hurts. So offer to buy your friend a Mocha from Dutch Bros or Black Rock on the way. The point in them joining is for them to have fun, and experience life in it’s fullest. I used to pile kids in my dad’s van and nab up energy drinks on the way there. Was that healthy? No. Was it a blast? Duh. And it got a whole lot of kids to youth group.

2. Drive them there.

It’s one thing to “invite a friend” and it’s another thing to be like, “Yo I’m picking you up at 5:30pm so be ready to have a sick time at youth group!” Jesus cared for his disciples, fed them, provided for them, and even washed their feet. When we invite someone into our group, we also want to ensure them we will get them there if we can, or offer a ride idea. Then, when they’re there, we want to make an effort to introduce them to everyone and sit next to them. We include them—Just like Jesus includes us.

3. Make it a group event.

What if you planned ahead to go to youth group with a big group of friends and then to go get tacos at La Mixteca Taqueria afterward? (It’s literally right down the street from Rise Youth…P.S. They have 2 dollar Taco Tuesdays!!) It will give your friends a good reason to go, and it will give you guys some time to chat about life and possibly the teaching while eating glorious tacos (can I get an amen?) Jesus and Tacos…has there been a more perfect combo?!

4. Share why youth group is meaningful to you.

To be honest I did not have the slightest interest in youth group the first time I went. It sounded dumb, awkward, lame, like I would be an outcast, uncomfortable, and just plain weird to me. I was basically secular so even the Jesusy part freaked me out. But you know why I came? My brother got real weird while we were skating and walking through Gresham Station one day in our high school years. Dude started to sweat and panic, and started scrambling for words to tell me how much Jesus meant—and specifically how Jesus used this youth group to change him inwardly. I still hated the idea of going to the group but my heart deeply softened toward my brother for sharing such deep emotions with me. And you know what happened when I went? I became a follower of Jesus. That one invitation literally rescued my life. I can’t tell you how dark my life was before Jesus, and how my brothers desperate, random invitation utterly changed the course of my life. Do not miss the power of even the most random invitation. You may be inviting someone whose life is forever changed at youth group.

Nolan Tjaden