• Rise Up, and Saturate Our City with the Gospel
    Rise Up and Saturate our city with the gospel Rise Up and Saturate our city with the gospel

We Are Rise

Rise is a church that gathers Sunday nights at 5pm in Gresham, Oregon to worship God and grow in God's word. During the week we meet in homes to encourage one another and provide a welcoming place to share our real lives. A church is not a building, a mission statement or way of believing. A Church is a people of Jesus. We are the Church. #wearerise

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The Art of Joy

Current Series - The Art of Joy

The apostle Paul wrote a letter to the Philippians in the middle of a jail cell. Despite his circumstances, that letter had one emotion that stood above the rest: Joy. How can we too live abundantly in the midst of so much uncertainty? Can we pursue joy no matter what we currently face?

Join us Sunday evenings at RISE as we practice cultivating the art of joy.

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Location and Time

Sundays @ 5PM

1890 NE Cleveland Ave
Gresham, OR 97030

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We are so excited to spend time hanging out at the Pumpkin Spicer! Come enjoy good coffee + good company. TOMORROW @ 7PM at Stomping Grounds Coffee House! Grab a friend, find childcare, and let's have a party.
His go-to answer is "Yes", with almost no hesitation. Serving along side him is the opposite of draining, it is recharging. He takes initiative. Working without a smile is foreign to him. Most don't get to appreciate his awesomeness because he is preparing the room for our Sunday service before you arrive and cleaning up after you leave. THIS, is Ben Waldo. We honor him today for who he is and how he serves our church so well. We are blessed to name him our October volunteer of the month. Thank you Ben!
Community is the context the Word gets in us. It's been amazing to study the book Philippians in our City Groups.
We like to have a good time at Rise Youth! If you're in Jr. High or High School, we would love to see you there! Bring your friends! Tonight @ 630PM! @weareriseyouth
As we obey God in our everyday lives, we put the joy of Jesus on display. May our city see the joy of Jesus as we walk in obedience.
Oh you know what time of year it is... πŸŽƒβ˜•οΈ Come join us for our annual PUMPKIN SPICER! πŸ‚ SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22nd πŸ‚ 7PM πŸ‚ STOMPING GROUNDS COFFEE HOUSE πŸ‚
REPOST from @saintkallday // "On Monday night, 72 adults gathered to dream about planting a permanent flag in our city for the Gospel. A place for our local church to call home. I couldn't help but think about when Jesus sent 72 of His disciples into their city to prepare the way for Him. They were sent out to go proclaim the Kingdom of God, to ready people's heart's for Jesus. That's the same mission we're on...a mission to have an impact for the sake of Jesus that our city will never recover from. What a wild ride this is." #wearerise @rise.cc
Each week at Rise Youth students gather to make lifelong memories and to hear a life-changing message. We're pumped to see you all tonight! #riseyouth2016
We aren't sure what's happening in this picture... But! This Sunday service was another amazing night. We're praying that God continues to work a 'Joy in Humility' through hearts throughout this week! #theartofjoy
It seems like each week people say how much the Art of Joy series means to them and is challenging them. Tonight we continue through Philippians with a sermon called "Joy in Humility". #theartofjoy
The reality is that God works through (not around) our trials. This week we're praying that God is moving mountains for our church in the midst of the real trials we're facing today. Be encouraged as you study through the devotional material this week.
Meet Joe and Melissa Points! They lead a group meeting on Wednesdays @ 6:30pm. Q: Why do you lead a city group? A: We are all about building community and have experienced the rich relationships that can come from city groups. Fun Fact: Our favorite food is Indian Food. Visit rise.cc/citygroups (πŸ‘‰πŸΎlink in profile) for more details about joining their group!

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